The architectural project of the hotel was carried out by the talented Architect Engineer of the “Ethnicon Metsovion Polytechnion” (National Technical University) Lia Vasilatou.

From an eptanisian mansion, to a high standards hotel.

The eptanisian architecture in relation to its western descent can display its own monuments-masterpieces, which can nowadays give their users the sensation, glory and wealth of previous centuries.

The intention of the architectural project was to highlight the listed building and to cover the utilitarian needs of a high standards hotel.

On the basis of the above, we created a harmonic complex, fully integrated in the environment, by developing the excellent view to the port. The gardens, the shaping of the surroundings in planes, as well as the pool, give us the best possible aesthetic result satisfying the high requirements of the visitors.

History of Korina Hotel

“Dalona’s” old mansion was founded in 1925 by the Ionian Islands architect Epaminondas Dovas, known also at that time as ‘Kalliros’ for the aesthetics he used to apply to his constructions, inspired by the works of Ziller.

During the big earthquakes of 1953, the mansion, which was property of Panayiotis Maroulis this period– a Greek-American coming from Ithaca, was one out of the few buildings that survived the destruction.

In 1978 it passes under the property of Kartano’s family.

In 1983 it is characterized as a listed building from the Planning, Environment and Public Works Ministry (ΥΠΕΧΩΔΕ) and in 2009 it is transformed into a classic type hotel of A’ Class, with extras which keep pace with the traditional architectural rhythm of Ionian Islands.

The hotel has luxurious suites and deluxe two double rooms with a panoramic view to the port of Ithaca, which is identified with the ancient port of Forkyna.